December 21, 2016

Nice job, Donald Trump voters! You became Vladimir Putin’s pawns
"Just how misinformed are Trump’s people? According to Public Policy Polling research conducted Dec. 6 and 7, here’s what Trump voters think about a series of top-shelf stories, according to those surveyed: 40 percent of Trump voters insist that he won the national popular vote. 60 percent of Trump voters think that Hillary Clinton received millions of illegal votes. 73 percent of Trump voters believe that George Soros is paying anti-Trump protesters. 29 percent of Trump voters don’t think California votes should be allowed to count in the national popular vote. 67 percent of Trump voters think the unemployment rate went up under President Obama. Only 20 percent accurately believe it went down. 39 percent of Trump voters think the stock market went down under Obama. And 19 percent are unsure. 14 percent of Trump voters think Hillary Clinton is connected to a child sex ring run out of a Washington pizzeria. Another 32 percent aren’t sure one way or another. Only 54 percent are certain that Pizzagate is a myth. Every single one of these voters has been played for a sucker, ripe for Putin’s espionage."