May 20, 2015

Kansas’ Governor Destroyed The State Budget With Massive Tax Cuts And Now Kansans Are Paying The Price
"The same tax cuts that provide too little return to free up a full year’s salary and benefits for a business owner also help deprive the state of resources it needs to make the idea of living and working in Kansas seem appealing to anyone. “You can make the environment worse for the gazelles if your tax cuts end up hurting the local schools, or the universities that help supply the workforce these companies need, or your local quality of life in general,” Leachman said.
Kansas’ public schools are almost criminally underfunded. Judges have ruled repeatedly in recent years that the state was providing such low levels of funding that school budgets were unconstitutional, and Brownback has responded by shuffling money around the system in ways that still produce overall cuts in per-pupil funding."