May 22, 2015

Just Like Fox News, The Republican Party Is Literally Dying Off
"McGraw found that Millennials are becoming a solidly Democratic voting bloc, and younger voters outnumber Baby Boomers. The net result is that if Republicans don’t attract a larger percentage younger voters, they could be looking at a deficit of 2.5 million votes on Election Day 2016. The Republican base is older white rural voters, and these voters pass on; they aren’t being replaced in the party with young voters.
If this trend were to continue over the long-term, the Republican Party would shrink.
For years, Fox News’ ratings with younger viewers have been plummeting. Fox News is the top cable news network in a declining genre because they have cornered the market on white, mostly male, Republican viewers at or over 65 years old. Fox News has lost 30% of their younger viewers. Fox News’ median audience has shrunk to 1.1 million. As their older viewers have died off, Fox News has been unable to replace them with younger viewers. Fox’s big move to combat this was to move Sean Hannity’s angry Republican senior center hour to 10 PM and give Megyn Kelly the timeslot after Bill O’Reilly. It hasn’t worked.
Fox News has already found out what the Republican Party is going to learn. Throwing a younger face on the same old ideas of opposing gay marriage, immigration reform, climate change, and making college less affordable while promoting income inequality is not going to fool younger voters.
The ideas matter. If Fox News and the Republican Party don’t get a clue, both will go extinct."