October 3, 2017

Marijuana Is Now a Driving Engine of the American Economy @alternet

Marijuana Is Now a Driving Engine of the American Economy @alternet:

"The legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is having a positive impact on states’ economies in ways that go well beyond tax revenue. From job creation to increased tourism, marijuana legalization is driving economic markets. Here’s how."

Amazing Graphic Shows Why Cannabis Is a Medication Worth Legalizing @alternet

Amazing Graphic Shows Why Cannabis Is a Medication Worth Legalizing @alternet:

"According to clinical studies, the chemical compounds found in cannabis (CBD and THC) can successfully treat chronic pain and many other health ailments. This was evidenced in the largest ever study on cannabis which examined over 10,000 studies on the drug. The results found that, not only is cannabis an effective defense to chronic pain, but also a wide range of other health problems such as: muscles spasms in those suffering from multiple sclerosis, nausea in those undergoing chemotherapy, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, stress, and PTSD."


Herban Planet Launches 'Space Weed Bro' Marijuana Into Space

"Herban Planet made intergalactic history by launching one pound of marijuana flower, "Space Weed Bro," 35 KM above the Earth's surface into space."

September 26, 2017

Cancer Patient Who Trump Blocked On Twitter Speaks Out

Don't Let These Other Stories Get Lost in the News

"I reckon Lost In The News is going to be a regular feature for a while hereabouts, what with our third killer hurricane in a month and the continuing adventures of The Volga Bagmen in the executive branch."

Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Russia Says Trump Is Wrong About Russia

"During his confirmation hearing today for the post of ambassador to Russia, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman made clear that, unlike President Trump, he believes that Russia interfered in the US election. “There is no question, underline no question, that the Russian government interfered in the US election last year, and Moscow continues to meddle in the democratic processes of our friends and allies,” Huntsman said in his opening statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee."

Following The Path From Paul Manafort To Robert Mueller

Trump campaign chair offered 'private briefings' on state of Trump campaign to Russian billionaire

"Under what circumstances a fabulously wealthy Putin-allied Russian billionaire might "need private briefings" about the state of an American presidential race, as detailed to him by none other than the campaign chairman of the Republican presidential candidate, is unclear. Very unclear. Manafort's spokesman claims the effort was because the Russian owed Manafort for past work. Again, though, how being owed money by a Russian businessman might translate into the Russian businessman getting "private briefings" on the state of the presidential campaign Paul Manafort was running is unexplained."

Manafort offered Russian oligarch with ties to the Kremlin ‘private briefings’ on status of Trump campaign: report

Manafort offered Russian oligarch with ties to the Kremlin ‘private briefings’ on status of Trump campaign: report

"Former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort offered to give “private briefings” on the status of the election to a Russian billionaire with ties to the Kremlin, the Washington Post reports. Manafort, who’s home was raided earlier this summer by federal investigators probing the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russian operatives, reportedly offered to brief Basic Element founder Oleg Deripaska through an intermediary less than two weeks before Trump accepted the Republican nomination. “If he needs private briefings we can accommodate,” Manafort wrote on July 7, 2016."

Newly Revealed Russia Interactions At Top Of Donald Trump's Campaign

Robert Reich: Trump's Tax Plan Is a Cruel Farce @alternet

Robert Reich: Trump's Tax Plan Is a Cruel Farce @alternet:

"Corporate and Wall Street Republicans – along with Donald Trump – are most interested in cutting taxes on corporations and the wealthy. They have the backing the GOP’s big business donors who stand to make a bundle off tax cuts."

U.S. and Syria are now the only nations that don’t support the Paris climate agreement

"Nicaragua announced Wednesday its intention to join the Paris climate agreement, leaving the United States and Syria as the only two countries that do not support the accord."

WSJ: Robert Mueller Office Interviewed Rod Rosenstein On James Comey Firing

The problem with anonymous gifts to White House legal defense funds

"In a reversal of internal policy, the Office of Government Ethics says funds benefiting aides caught up in Russia probes may accept anonymous gifts from lobbyists. The U.S. Office of Government Ethics has quietly reversed its own internal policy prohibiting anonymous donations from lobbyists to White House staffers who have legal defense funds. The little-noticed change could help President Donald Trump’s aides raise the money they need to pay attorneys as the Russia probe expands – but raises the potential for hidden conflicts of interest or other ethics trouble. Ya think? White House aides, desperate to pay crushing legal bills, may have a conflict of interest when lobbyists quietly help pick up the tab with anonymous donations?"

Trump pretends his tax plan won’t be a giveaway to the wealthy

"Trump has already called for a massive tax break for those at the very top. Indeed, this isn’t just part of the plan; it’s the point of the plan. The entire endeavor is based on a trickle-down model that serves as the foundation of Republican ideas on the economy: make sure those at the top have more money, and in time, wealth will trickle down to everyone else."

New Revelations Deepen NSA Mike Flynn Legal Jeopardy

Senate Republicans Aren't Just Aiming to Destroy Obamacare and Medicaid; They Want to Provide a Death Blow to Any Future Health Care Reform @alternet

Senate Republicans Aren't Just Aiming to Destroy Obamacare and Medicaid; They Want to Provide a Death Blow to Any Future Health Care Reform @alternet:

"The Senate Republicans’ latest anti-Obamacare bill has bigger goals than destroying the Affordable Care Act and dismantling Medicaid. This bill aims to blow up the very foundation upon which a national health care system could be built—even if it roils private insurance markets via massive premium hikes for 2018."

Trump’s presidency provides a model for a new high-tech authoritarianism

Trump’s presidency provides a model for a new high-tech authoritarianism

"the first six months of the Trump presidency provide a model for a new authoritarianism, one that seeks to make information about the public more transparent while extending secrecy for leaders. Consider, for example, the president’s efforts to go after journalists and leakers. It is his privacy and the privacy of information about him that he is seeking to protect. Or consider the president’s instinct to make the private matters of others public. Trump did this often during the campaign and continues the tactic in tweets about political opponents, journalists, and others he does not like. His communications are intended to embarrass or shame based on the release of private facts. It is a technique favored by the notorious human rights opponent Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Long before the Presidential Commission thought it had the authority to collect the voter records of registered voters across the country, Trump had picked for attorney general one of the few members of the U.S. Senate who had opposed the USA Freedom Act, which reined in the mass surveillance of domestic communications revealed by Edward Snowden. He chose for director of the CIA a former House member who also suggested that the powers for mass surveillance should be restored. And his executive order on immigration included provisions to expand the use of biometrics at the border. Meanwhile, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, a key agency established to check the powers of the presidency after September 11, remains without enough members to exercise legal authority. And the Federal Trade Commission, also crucial to the protection of the privacy interests of the American public, is barely functioning. If it is correct that the modern democratic state is sustained by privacy protections for citizens and transparency obligations for officials, then future actions by this administration on these issues require close attention."

Donald Trump Exposed For Lie About Sketchy Business Partner, Russia Deal

Entire health care industry fights to kill Republican repeal bill

"Next week, the Senate is poised to vote on overhauling the American health care system, and at this point, the bill’s Republican supporters have managed to persuade no one but themselves. Medical professionals hate the Graham-Cassidy plan, as do hospital administrators and every major patient-advocacy organization in the country. To a very real extent, GOP lawmakers are going up against literally everyone who has a stake in the American health care industry."

Kimmel showed a ‘better grasp of health policy’ than GOP’s Cassidy

"In reality, more people won’t have coverage, Cassidy isn’t protecting those with pre-existing conditions, and Politico published a piece quoting health care analysts who concluded that between the host and the senator, “the late-night host has the better grasp of health policy"."

Jimmy Kimmel: These Guys Won’t Tell The Truth So I Have To

Why is the GOP desperate to pass this terrible healthcare bill? The Koch brothers threatened them

"Graham and Cassidy are pulling out all the stops in their attempt to sway votes ahead of this deadline. They’ve even gone so far as to promise key swing vote Sen. Lisa Murkowski that Alaska can keep Obamacare! You cannot make that up. So why are Republicans so laser-focused on gutting health care and tackling “tax reform,” which is nothing more than cutting taxes for the wealthy? Because The Swamp ordered them to do it and Republicans are beholden to their swamp masters above all others. The Koch brothers went to a Republican retreat in June and ordered them to gut health care and cut taxes—or else: At a weekend donor retreat attended by at least 18 elected officials, the Koch brothers warned that time is running out to push their agenda, most notably healthcare and tax reform, through Congress. One Texas-based donor warned Republican lawmakers that his “Dallas piggy bank” was now closed, until he saw legislative progress. “Get Obamacare repealed and replaced, get tax reform passed,” said Doug Deason. “Get it done and we’ll open it back up.” Republicans are terrified the “Dallas piggy bank” won’t be ponying up to prop them up and buy elections like they’ve so reliably done in the past. The Koch brothers and their allies want these things, and they want them right now. There is urgency,” said Tim Phillips, who leads Koch network’s political arm, Americans for Prosperity, at the industrialist brothers’ retreat in Colorado Springs. “We believe we have a window of about 12 months to get as much of it accomplished as possible before the 2018 elections grind policy to a halt.” The window for action may be even smaller, some Koch allies warned at the weekend retreat that drew roughly 400 participants to the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The price for admission for most was a pledge to give at least $100,000 this year to the Kochs’ broad policy and political network. So, we’re at a crossroads here. Will the American people win, or will The Swamp win?"

Trump isn’t the only one fibbing about the GOP’s health care plan

"If the Graham-Cassidy plan were a good idea, why can’t its supporters simply tell the truth about it?"

Will You Vote To Hurt Your State, Congressman?

If Jimmy Kimmel is so wrong about Graham-Cassidy, how come the AARP, AMA, and everyone else agrees?

"After comedian Jimmy Kimmel called the GOP's bluff on the fantasy that their new healthcare repeal bill protects people with pre-existing conditions, conservatives were quick to jump all over Kimmel, noting he wasn't a policy expert. "Comedians are not public intellectuals," charged a National Review article.  Okay, let's check in with some organizations that presumably know a little something about health policy. First, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)."

Basically The Entire Health Care System Hates The New Obamacare Repeal Bill

American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Physicians, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Osteopathic Association, American Psychiatric Association, National Council for Behavioral Health, American Hospital Association, Federation of American Hospitals, Children’s Hospital Association, Catholic Health Association of the United States, Association of American Medical Colleges, America’s Essential Hospitals, American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living, National Association of Medicaid Directors, America’s Health Insurance Plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Alliance of Community Health Plans, ALS Association, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Arthritis Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Family Voices, JDRF, Lutheran Services in America, March of Dimes, National Health Council, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Organization for Rare Diseases, Volunteers of America, WomenHeart, AARP, The Arc, Consumers Union

Jimmy Kimmel: Bill Cassidy Lied Right To My Face About Healthcare

What Trump Calls "Great," All 50 State Directors of Medicaid Say Is Terrible

"With nearly unheard of consensus, and despite assurances from serial liar President Donald Trump that the bill is actually "great" and would "help people," all 50 state Medicaid directors have signed on to a letter denouncing Republicans' latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA)."

Nevada’s Dean Heller is at war with himself over health care

"As a candidate, he endorsed ACA repeal, like nearly every other Republican. But when push came to shove, he announced his opposition to his party’s repeal plan, then he supported a different repeal plan, then he was happy about the failure of the bill he voted in favor of, then he co-authored a different plan that does the one thing he said he’s against."

Senator Elizabeth Warren Speaks on the Cassidy-Graham Repeal Proposal

Graham-Cassidy now guts Obamacare even more

"Senate Republicans, seemingly short on votes for their last-ditch plan to repeal Obamacare, are desperately tweaking the bill in hopes of winning over both their moderate and conservative wings. The result is a plan from Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bill Cassidy (R-SC) that would go even further in rolling back Obamacare’s protections for people with preexisting conditions, while adding hundreds of millions of dollars meant to sweeten the deal for senators from key states. Graham-Cassidy would now, according to health policy experts, effectively end to Obamacare’s insurance protections. People with preexisting conditions could face higher premiums, insurers could choose which services to cover, and plans could also require people to pay more money out of pocket than Obamacare allows."

AMA, American Hospital Association and other groups blast GOP healthcare bill in joint statement

"Senators Cassidy and Graham took to the Sunday shows today to continue selling their bill, and the Republican leadership is pressing hard to see which holdout senators can still be bought. Out in the rest of the country, however, medical groups are nearly unanimous in their condemnation of the bill. The latest is a joint statement from the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the Federation of American Hospitals, the American Academy of Family Physicians, AHIP and Blue Cross/Blue Shield—some of the most prominent healthcare groups in the nation—that blasts the bill and urges the Senate to vote against it."

Senators Lindsey Graham & Bill Cassidy Lie Their A$$es Off In Debate Against Sanders, Klobuchar

What Republicans get wrong about the cost of single-payer

"By any fair metric, this change would save an enormous amount of money. Republicans may balk for other reasons, but the cost argument is nonsense."

Trump administration abandons subtlety in ACA sabotage campaign

http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/trump-administration-abandons-subtlety-aca-sabotage-campaign"If the Affordable Care Act were as dreadful as the right claims, shouldn’t the sabotage campaign be unnecessary?"

Republicans Make Their Healthcare Bill Even Worse To Win Over Senate Holdouts

'Mind-bogglingly Dangerous': Trump EPA Rolls Back Water Pollution Limits for Coal Plants

"In 2015 the Obama administration developed new limits on metals including lead, mercury, and arsenic in coal-fired plants' wastewater, set to go into effect in 2018. The pollutants in question "can cause severe health problems, including cancer and lowered I.Q. among children, as well as deformities and reproductive harm in fish and wildlife," according to the Center for Biological Diversity, which fought against the rollback of the limits."

Trump’s ethics office is OK with lobbyists paying staffers’ legal bills

"The Office of Government Ethics may have just given President Donald Trump and his administration a huge gift — namely, the ability to receive anonymous donations from lobbyists to help with their legal funds as they address the Russia scandal."

Jimmy Kimmel Tears Apart Trump, Republicans, And Fox News In Healthcare Bill Showdown

The Trump Administration Will Always Side with Corporations Over Labor

"It’s no secret that the Trump administration is corporation-friendly to a fault. For all the talk of the underserved coal miners and workers whose jobs have been stolen by free trade agreements or China, the Oval Office has not been a friendly — or even safe — place for workers in the past eight months. We’ve already reported on the discontinuation of a number of worker safety programs and regulations but there’s much more to Trump’s undercutting of the fundamental rights of American workers going on."

Ryan abandons deficit reduction rhetoric

"Do you remember the days when Republicans claimed to be deficit hawks, opposing President Barack Obama’s economic agenda solely because of their unwavering devotion to fiscal rectitude? Now one of the hawk-iest hawks in the GOP aviary, House Speaker Paul Ryan, has flat-out admitted he cares less about deficit reduction than providing large tax cuts to the wealthy."

Trump Blocks Cancer Patient On Twitter After She Criticizes Healthcare Bill

The New, More Conservative Supreme Court Is Wreaking Havoc

"The new Supreme Court term hasn't even begun, but that hasn't stopped the Court's newly minted conservative majority from wreaking havoc on the country. In two actions this week, the justices toed a far-right line by thumbing their noses at refugees and telling voters in Texas that they can be divvied up based on race. This is, in shining clarity, your new Trump Supreme Court."

McConnell: Democrats shouldn't be able to use procedure to block judges that GOP used against Obama

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is endorsing a move on the federal judiciary that Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has hinted at: ending one of the procedures that Republicans regularly used to block President Obama's judicial nominees so that Democrats can't use it to block Trump's."

Pence Confirms Trump Lied About Pre-Existing Conditions

Trump’s voting commission descends further into farce

"So, what are we left with? A commission that exists for no reason, featuring some Democratic members who are outraged by the co-chair’s brazen dishonesty, a Republican member who pushed for the panel to be more partisan and lied about it, and witnesses who have nothing constructive to add to the conversation."

Trump admin. changed ethics rules so they can accept anonymous donations for legal defense funds

"Nearly everyone on Donald Trump’s staff has lawyered up in recent months as Special Counsel Robert Mueller creeps closer and closer to the oval office. No doubt those legal defense bills are rolling in and starting to add up. Who’s going to pay those bills? It seems Donald Trump and company are turning directly to The Swamp to pay the tab. The kicker? They don’t even want you to know who’s paying their bills. They changed the White House ethics rules to allow for anonymous donations to their legal defense fund. For all we know, the Russians are picking up the tab."

Jimmy Kimmel DESTROYS Republican Healthcare Lies

Trump’s ethics watchdog quietly moves to allow anonymous donations to legal defense funds

Trump’s ethics watchdog quietly moves to allow anonymous donations to legal defense funds

"While the rest of the country was digesting their dinners, the U.S. Office of Government Ethics “quietly reversed its own internal policy prohibiting anonymous donations from lobbyists to White House staffers who have legal defense funds,” Politico reports. The reversal comes as Special Counsel Robert Mueller and both houses of Congress intensify their investigations into possible collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign."

Michael Flynn's racist, sexist, conspiracy theory-spouting son is new focus of Russia investigation

"Mueller’s team has already locked in on Paul Manafort’s son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai. And of course, Mueller is solidly focused on both Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner over their meeting with Russian representatives at Trump Tower, as well as their involvement in multiple Russian-financed real estate deals. But Flynn the younger has a special reason to be worried, as Robert Mueller’s team put a new focus on social media and how it was used to spread Russian propaganda. Because no one was more engaged in spreading false narratives than Michael G. Flynn."

Naomi Klein: We Are Seeing the Shock Doctrine in Effect After Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

‘They are dumb enough to believe him’: GOP strategist compares Trump’s base to snakehandling preachers

‘They are dumb enough to believe him’: GOP strategist compares Trump’s base to snakehandling preachers

"Republican strategist Steve Schmidt urged President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan to fight back against the “Breitbart wing” of the GOP before they lose their legislative majority — and their jobs."

Trump Promised to Hire the Best People. He Keeps Hiring the Worst @alternet

Trump Promised to Hire the Best People. He Keeps Hiring the Worst @alternet:

"In many cases he’s hired some of the worst people imaginable. Who worse to lead the EPA than a man whose primary qualification is having sued the agency 14 times on behalf of polluting industries? Who worse to lead the Midwestern states EPA than a woman who the EPA cited for failure to control air pollution in Wisconsin and who deleted all mention of human-caused climate change from her department website? Who worse to lead the Department of Energy than a man who wanted to eliminate the department (until he forgot - oops)? Who worse to be the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist than a right-wing birther radio host with no scientific background? And these are only the administration officials in positions related to energy and the environment. There are of course exceptions where Trump nominated people who are at least qualified for the job, but in many cases it’s hard to imagine worse choices. And now we can add Trump’s selection to lead NASA to the list - Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma."

Local News Outlets Forced To Air Pro-Trump Propaganda

Robert Mueller Is 'Going for the Kill' in Trump Investigation: Report @alternet

Robert Mueller Is 'Going for the Kill' in Trump Investigation: Report @alternet:

"Members of the GOP are said to have come to that stark conclusion based on Mueller’s hiring of lawyers experienced in dealing with money laundering crimes and the Mafia, as well as the intensity of his pursuit of both witnesses and evidence."

Piling On: DeVos, Trump Make Student Loan Crisis Worse

"Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, lacks the most basic knowledge of, expertise in, and commitment to public education. What she does have is a personal fortune she’s used to underwrite propaganda and fatten the campaign accounts of Republican politicians. In Wisconsin alone, the DeVos family doled out more than $400,000 to state legislators and Governor Scott Walker. Her shadow campaign operation, American Federation for Children, has spent at least $4.5 million to elect and solidify a Republican majority in the Wisconsin state legislature. Another $50,000 of DeVos largesse went to re-elect U.S. Senator and Ayn Rand acolyte Ron Johnson. DeVos has been a prominent proponent of failed school voucher experiments. She has long promoted policies that helped bankrupt public schools, resegregate students, and punish teachers. And now she has turned her attention to higher education, targeting the 43 million Americans carrying more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt."

Donald Trump Keeps Getting Manipulated By Twitter Bots

Republicans Protecting Equifax: We Saw This Coming | Crooks and Liars

Republicans Protecting Equifax: We Saw This Coming | Crooks and Liars

"Equifax knew about the data breach for three damn months before they made it public. During those three months, all their executives unloaded their stock. They should go to prison."

Axios: Trump's Centers for Disease Control staff under a gag order

"According to an email obtained by Axios, staff at the Centers for Disease Control—an organization that’s vital to protecting public health—has been directed to not communicate with the public via the press. The message—sent by public affairs officer Jeffrey Lancashire and dated Aug. 31—instructs all CDC employees not to speak to reporters, "even for a simple data-related question." What it said: Effective immediately and until further notice, any and all correspondence with any member of the news media, regardless of the nature of the inquiry, must be cleared through CDC's Atlanta Communications Office," Lancashire wrote. "This correspondence includes everything from formal interview requests to the most basic of data requests." So the CDC's mission is "to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S." And to accomplish that mission, the CDC's website says, it "conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise."  Except now, under the Trump administration, it can only provide that health information if the bosses say so. So a local reporter writing about an outbreak of say, a Zika virus outbreak in the community can't get information directly from local or regional CDC sources. That's not good."

Trump Has Killed More Than 800 Regulations, Putting Your Life In Danger

'Groundbreaking': Democratic Co-Sponsors Rush Aboard Bernie's Medicare for All Train

"A quarter of Democratic Caucus members in the U.S. Senate have now signed on as co-sponsors of Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) Medicare for All bill, which he plans to introduce Wednesday, signaling a shift among party lawmakers, who may be swayed by recent polling that has indicated a majority of Americans and more than two-thirds of Democrats favor a single-payer national healthcare system."

New Documentary Reveals Koch Brother Company Devastated Arkansas Community for Easy Profits @alternet

New Documentary Reveals Koch Brother Company Devastated Arkansas Community for Easy Profits @alternet: A Koch brothers-owned paper mill was blamed for dumping cancer-causing chemicals. The documentary Company Town opened in New York City on Friday night, for a short run at Cinema Village on East 12th Street. Introducing a sold-out screening, New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman said co-directors Natalie Kottke-Masocco and Erica Sardarian had captured one of the “quiet tragedies that are taking place all across America all the time”.

Republicans Vote To Keep Trump’s Tax Returns Hidden From The World

Foreign leaders don’t want to work with Trump — so they’re forming alliances without him

Foreign leaders don’t want to work with Trump — so they’re forming alliances without him

"Eliot A. Cohen is the director of the Strategic Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and a former senior State Department official and contributing editor at The Atlantic. Writing in the October issue, he says President Trump is “ending the American Era.” Cohen notes, “one defense of Trump is that his deeds are less alarming than his words. But diplomacy is about words, and many of Trump’s words are profoundly toxic.” “Foreign governments have adapted,” Cohen explained. “They flatter Trump outrageously. Their emissaries stay at his hotels and offer the Trump Organization abundant concessions (39 trademarks approved by China alone since Trump took office, including one for an escort service). They take him to military parades; they talk tough-guy-to-tough-guy; they show him the kind of deference that only someone without a center can crave.” Foreign leaders “have begun to reshape alliances and reconfigure the networks that make up the global economy, bypassing the United States and diminishing its standing.” “In almost every region of the world, the administration has already left a mark, by blunder, inattention, miscomprehension, or willfulness.,” Cohen explains. “On issues that are truly global in scope, Trump has abdicated leadership and the moral high ground"."

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa ordered to pay opponent $45,000 in legal fees after losing ridiculous lawsuit

"The ultra-wealthy Republican congressman from Southern California barely survived a challenge last year from Marine veteran Doug Applegate, who got under Issa's skin with a TV ad arguing (quite accurately) that Issa had used his many years in office to make himself even richer. Issa prepared a legal complaint about the ad during the peak of the 2016 campaign, but bizarrely, he waited to file it until the day before the election. He should have waited forever. Earlier this year, a state court judge dismissed the case, finding that Applegate had said nothing inaccurate, and he further ruled that Issa had violated a California law against lawsuits designed to intimidate the exercise of free speech (known as an "anti-SLAPP" law). That latter ruling allowed Applegate to recover his attorneys' fees from Issa (something not usually awarded in American legal proceedings), and now the judge has ordered Issa to pay Applegate and his campaign $45,000."

Another Day, Another Study Showing Trump Fans Are Racist…

Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes: Donald Trump is a “sociopath” and “a very sick individual”

"Trump’s case of narcissism is particularly severe because he also is out of touch with reality whenever he becomes upset. When he says, “I had the largest crowd at an inauguration in history,” it does not matter that you can tell him that it is not true, he still insists on it. Well, that is very troublesome because what it means is that he needs to believe it. He is able to give up reality in exchange for his wished-for belief. Sometimes we call that a delusion. We have not used that word much with Donald Trump because that does get confused with people who think that they are Napoleon. But Trump has a fluid sense of reality, which is a sign of a very sick individual. Sociopathy itself is a sign of a very sick individual, someone with a lying, cheating and emotional disorder. The intersection of those two occurs in sociopathy. It is not just bad behavior that people have to lie and cheat the way he does, it is an incapacity to treat other people as full human beings. That is why his focus is on humiliating others to aggrandize himself, as he did in the Republican primaries when he was debating and calling people names. The same thing applies to Hispanic immigrants and separating the children from their parents. That is a very, very serious mental and emotional problem. Normal people have normal empathy. It is part of being a human being. Lying and cheating and humiliating others and grinding them into dust in order to triumph is not just bad behavior. It is a serious mental illness."

How Donald Trump Lied to Conceal His Moscow Business Partner

"Donald Trump has told many lies and falsehoods. He’s lied about the Russia scandal. He’s lied about his ties to organized crime. Perhaps he’s lied so much that freshly excavated prevarications don’t register greatly. Yet recent news reports revealing that Trump was pursuing a huge development deal in Moscow in late 2015 and early 2016 show that during the campaign Trump committed a tremendous act of deception."

Bernie Sanders' Medicare-For-All Bill EXPLAINED

Former Sputnik employee reveals how the Kremlin-backed site became ‘part of the right-wing media ecosystem’

Former Sputnik employee reveals how the Kremlin-backed site became ‘part of the right-wing media ecosystem’

"Those stories were then picked up by right-wing outlets like Infowars, Breitbart and the Gateway Pundit, he continued."